What every customer wants, and what every business needs ... an experience.

With the introduction of Social Media, digital marketing needs to be refined.

With the use of smartphones and other mobile devices, the average customer spends 85% of his time researching businesses information online. With this in mind, how do you approach marketing over the internet?

You can research your target audience, engage with colorful content, and analyze the results then repeat. All this is simple to complete however, the average users spend 116 minutes online and majority on their mobile devices. They are engaging with you face to face and on social media, how do you make the time?

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The best strategy to use online, whether SEO or your blog, is to stimulate your audience with engaging content. This is a conversation, a notable visual medium, that makes the person across the way to want to continue the dialogue. From this engagement, they begin a journey of information and curiosity into what you can offer them to fill their need.

Energize our Digital Marketing Objectives. Service provided by a Service Professional.

My name is Darrell, a seasoned customer service professional who spent countless hours training and refining my skills to pursue opportunities to become an internet marketing specialist. I started, At Your Service Virtual Assistance to assist small businesses to save time and efforts by managing their digital marketing needs.


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You know your customer best so give them the experiences they deserve, allow me to be At Your Service and further develop your relationship through effective internet marketing strategies. Let's see if I can be fit for your digital marketing needs, contact me here or by phone at (770)405-9165 for a consultation. I look forward to hearing from you and it will be my pleasure to be At Your Service.




Social Media is about the people! Not about your business. Provide for the people and the people will provide for you.
– Matt Goulart

Nurturer leads with the use lucrative socializing.

Hey it's me pictureThis journey began for me with the motto “To exceed our guest expectations by delivering great performances.” From these words, I began to understand that with all the choices available the customer definitely deserved more than just the product. What they were looking for was an experience and from my interpersonal engagements, I made my share of “friends” among the customers.  After twelve fulfilling years, I left that company while keeping it’s approach to customer service dear to my heart. In my later years, I would manage other businesses that lack similar ideas and character which would lead me to establish At Your Service on February 29, 2016, in Smyrna, Georgia. By using my customer service background and newly acquired marketing skills I could assist small businesses to optimize their digital presence by managing their internet marketing.


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My approach is simple, “To provide Superior Customers Experiences that make Lasting Relationships in the Digital Age.”



Love to hear more thoughts from you, contact me for a consultation here.



“Nothing BIG will happen in your life, until you build off of the many SMALL things”

– John Paul Aguiar

Take your digital marketing to new heights with our specialized service packets.

Social media management packet

Together, let’s create exciting content for your social media platforms to influence your current audience and inspire new prospects. We will develop strategies based on analytical data provided by the platform to build a campaign based on this information. The goal is to increase new and existing traffic to your site creating an endless flow of prospects for you to engage with.

Administrative support packet

As a small business owner administrative work becomes more of liability of operating a business than maintaining the business. Allow me to be At Your Service and manage your minimal task online through the use of cloud, Internet-based software, and applications to cover this need. You benefit from having an office assistant to complete these projects at the fraction of the cost.

Digital marketing packet

This packet is designed to cover the needs of businesses who currently do not have any form of digital marketing or one that needs a review. I consult with you to see your goals on the internet, discuss budgets, and begin formulating the strategy needed to create an effective campaign. Once these are in place I assist you to choose the most efficient platform for you to target your audience and applications to assist with this maintaining these platforms. Contact me further for detail included in this packet.

Other services are available upon request after consultation. Relieve yourself of the burden of digital marketing and allow me to be At Your Service and let’s talk soon to see if what exactly are your marketing needs over the internet is and how I can be of service to you. Contact me here for your consultation today.




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